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Class Etiquette

Students are expected to act in a mature and professional manner during class times.  

  • No chewing gum 

  • No jewelry except stud earrings

  • Arrive on time for class or a few minutes early

  • If a student is going to be late or miss class please notify the instructor

  • Food is not permitted outside the parents viewing/break area

  • No talking when the instructor/coach is talking 

  • When practicing individually stay focused at the task at hand

  • No sitting during class time unless instructed 

  • Respect the personal space of the instructor and others

  • Personal items (jackets, shoes, etc) should be in lockers or in the designated area

  • Maintain personal hygiene and a professional class appearance *see dress code below 

  • Do not leave the classroom or training carpet without permission 

  • In the dance studio:

    • Do not touch the mirrors

    • Do not lean or hang on barres

    • Do not touch or move studio dividers

Dress Code

Students are always expected to be in the appropriate attire for training and classes

  • Hair

    • Bun or ponytail if hair is not long enough

    • Secured and will not move or need to be fixed during training

    • Hair around the face should be pulled back/secure

    • Keep it simple. No extravagant hair pieces, bows, headbands etc,

  • Apparel:

    • PLAIN Black fitted apparel only

      • Shorts​

      • Capris

      • Leggings

      • Tank tops

      • Tee Shirts

      • Leotards with black tights

      • Only apparel with the North East Rhythmics logo or black fitted tops from competition are approved

  • Rhythmic Shoes are required for rhythmic and dance classes - NO SOCKS, please

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