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rhythmic gymnastics

What is Rhythmic Gymnastics?

Rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic sport that combines the flexibility and dynamics of gymnastics, the elegance of ballet and the rhythm and self expression of dance with the handling of small equipment such as ribbon, ball, rope, hoop and clubs.  Gymnasts perform on a carpet to different styles of music either individually or in a group of five. The apparatus is fully integrated in the routine and it must be used with both hands, thrown into the air and kept in motion. Choreography involves a high degree of athletic skills: dazzling tosses and difficult catches combined with high leaps, jumps, amazing flexibilities, creative apparatus movements, difficult balances and gracious pirouettes.

What we offer!

At NER we are happy to provide quality and fun training for ages 4 and up and at all skill levels!  We have students that participate at both a recreational and competitive level and encourage a positive and happy environment amongst all groups.  All classes are taught by USAG certified coaches and qualified instructors.  Students will learn basic rhythmic skills and develop strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, creativity, discipline, and so much more.  

Coaches: Ralitsa Kalmukova, Hristina Lashkova & Karrisa Filiault
Assistant Coaches: Allison Wu, Maya Shimron, Jodie Chen

Summer Assistants: NER Alumni Baifan Zhou, Anissa Sroka & Jessica Tian

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